Why I Oppose Feminism: The Simple Answer

I Can Haz Khilafah?

Another modern, Western feminist.

by Lenna

Many feminists seem genuinely perplexed by the rising anti-feminist backlash, especially the strands led by women. Many years ago, if asked, I probably would have said I was a feminist, or at least was sympathetic to the goals of feminism, which are usually framed as “equal rights” for women.

Who’s against equality? Or women’s rights? Feminists can’t imagine, it seems, and so they conclude that such a position is simply irrational, and thus, their opponents deserve nothing but scorn and ridicule.

I don’t remember exactly how or when I soured on feminism. It was a gradual process, but the reception I’ve received from feminists has hardened my view. I mistakenly thought they really meant it when they said they cared about the rights of women, and therefore, would listen, politely and respectfully, to what other women had to say, even if we were criticizing aspects of feminist dogma.

I was wrong. With…

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