Deepika’s poem on men on International Men’s Day!

Well known Men’s Rights Activist Deepika (you read right, she’s a lady) has dedicated a poem to men on account of International Men’s Day!!

Here is the poem…

Deepika's Pome on IMD

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You might be wondering who am I…I am her fan! Yes, if film stars can have fans, if politicians can have fans, why can’t a good Samaritan have fans?? Makes sense…???



Mo Bro’s

Determined boys are all around us. We encounter them in every day life. All that we don’t know is that the boy next to us is determined. This guy who is sharing a moment with his buddies in the local metro of Bangalore, Sashi Kalyan, is the only son of his humble parents. Both of his parents strive, so that they can grow him up into a successful man. And even Shashi is no less committed. In a land where only medicine or engineering are considered a respectable and remunerative professions, he wants to break the notion. He is an aspiring CA (Cost Accountant) and is getting trained to be one. Along with a moustache, Shashi also wears a smile on his face, not just in November, but all round the year. He never lets you know the struggle he does or his parents do for him!!

Well, Sha Guvera, International Men’s Day and MOVEMBER wishes you all the best!!

MoBro - Kalyan

Cruelty Against Husband is the article of the week

My article on #CrueltyAgainstHusband featured as article of the week on #Telugu #Wikipedia on account of  (International Men’s Day)

You can view the article on the homepage throughout the week at https://te.wikipedia.org

You can directly go the article by clicking on https://te.wikipedia.org/wiki/%E0%B0%AD%E0%B0%B0%E0%B1%8D%E0%B0%A4_%E0%B0%AA%E0%B0%9F%E0%B1%8D%E0%B0%B2_%E0%B0%95%E0%B1%8D%E0%B0%B0%E0%B1%8C%E0%B0%B0%E0%B1%8D%E0%B0%AF%E0%B0%82

Bharta Palta Krauryam

19 నవంబరున జరుపబడే అంతర్జాతీయ పురుషుల దినోత్సవం సందర్భంగా నేను వ్రాసిన భర్త పట్ల క్రౌర్యం వ్యాసం తెలుగు వికీపీడీయాలో ఈ వారం వ్యాసంగా ప్రచురింపబడినది.

ఈ ప్రచురణ చూడటానికి తెవికీ మొదటి పేజీకి వెళ్ళండి. https://te.wikipedia.org

నేరుగా ఈ వ్యాసానికి వెళ్ళటానికి ఈ లంకె పై క్లిక్ చేయండి. https://te.wikipedia.org/wiki/%E0%B0%AD%E0%B0%B0%E0%B1%8D%E0%B0%A4_%E0%B0%AA%E0%B0%9F%E0%B1%8D%E0%B0%B2_%E0%B0%95%E0%B1%8D%E0%B0%B0%E0%B1%8C%E0%B0%B0%E0%B1%8D%E0%B0%AF%E0%B0%82

Men volunteer! Men donate!!

Siva Reddy

Siva Reddy, a software consultant, was educated in a rural school. But he never forgot the place which he belongs to, nor the school in which he learnt alphabets. Even now, whenever possible, Siva Reddy makes sure that he visits his school, donates for its development and speak to it’s staff/students! Men volunteer!! Men donate!!!